A Little about us and our GafMaps.

Whilst on a weekend trip to the very picturesque Killarney in Co. Kerry, Ireland, we were shopping in a tourist shop, when a bunch of tourists arrived into the store, they all had traditional tourist maps in their hands, we noticed that one of the tourists had been upset that she had ripped her map, We didn’t see what the big deal of a little rip on a map was. She then proceeded to buy a new map. We happened to be behind this woman in the que, when in conversion, the sales assistant posed the same question, “You already have a map, why would you need a new one?” the answer was short and simple, I frame and hang all the maps of the cities that I visit.

Genius! Not so stupid or foolish after all.

The more we thought about it, the more we loved the idea, however, Tourist Map tend to look very commericial! So we wanted to do it a little differently. Being a team of designers and print professionals, we put our own style and twist on our maps, And so, GafMaps was born!

Maps can be very special to people.If its the City in which they were born, where they attended university, where the met their first love or even a special holiday or honeymoon.

We are just happy we can create a beautiful a GafMap for everybody of ANY place or City in the world.